Dedicated Advisory and representation, company formation, & Business Development Specialist for the International External markets

What we do best

We help innovative companies extend their reach worldwide by creating new companies in the Sultanate of Oman, providing expert business development, inbound HR, tax management and strategic branding services.

We – Impact – are a Company formation, Business Development and Sales company affiliated with the ISPD Group headquartered in the Sultanate of Oman, with development offices in Brussels, Madrid, Lisbon and Singapore. Impact was founded in 2018 and ISPD Group in 2010 our of Brussels.

ISPD Impact is entirely focused on advisory, representation, trading and business development for companies that want to internationalise. Companies we are representing include the Chinese Linked media, Altop and as well the European Elecnor, Muxima, Aynio, Shamanic, and different cities in nation branding sales projects. We have a track record selling solutions in different industries (Government, Cosmetics, Investors, IT, Industrialist, MICE, Finance etc.) in the majority of the world Regions, from Africa to the Middle East, from Europe to China and the Americas.

Company Formation in Oman

For a foreign investor, the Sultanate of Oman offers the flexibility to set up operations as a Branch and in cooperation with the Government, a Representative Office, a registered Company, or appoint a commercial agent. Each option has its own advantages, catering to different business needs.

The Oman Commercial Companies Law and with Oman Invest partnerships provides for the establishment of business entities for foreign investors. You as Investor has 0% Personal Tax and waivers depending on:

  • The current nature of your business or future business
  • The tax implications
  • If you are looking for funding or not
  • Your expansion plans
  • The current capital to invest
  • Your personal history and compliance
  • The need for PRO Services, audits and other accounting requirements to remain compliant in Oman

Our Headquarters are:


From our Office in Brussels


From our Office in Lisbon


From our Office in Muscat


From our Office in Singapore


From our Office in Madrid

Our structure allow us to be more reactive than other consultancies

We are supported by a group of local liaison offices globally by markets within regions

At Impact we are completely tuned to your specific demands to which we respond with optionally designed professional solutions and products.

Our Niche Clientele

“Go International” Businesses

International Affairs

Think Thanks & Education Providers


Project Consultancies

Intergovernmental Organisations

Start Ups

Law firms

Government Bodies

Diplomatic Missions and


Regions, Cities and Nations


Quality Statement

In order to maintain our high quality standards of service we limit the number of assignments to our consultants at each stage of our services.

This means our clients benefit from a dedicated, focused service that acknowledges the unique components of their requests. At the outset of each mission we agree a communication strategy guaranteeing regular contact between our consultants and clients which will ensure the updates at each stage of the services process.

Our Feedback Policy

Coming back from many consultancy areas, our team joined to create unique feedback policy, addressed to both our clients, our consultant and subject matter experts. It is made of two very simple rules:

Regarding our clients:

When a mission is assigned to Impact, we contact our client weekly by the account manager and maintain a very close follow-up on the evolution of the process, deadlines and standards;

Regarding our Consultants and subject matter experts:

1 assignment = 1 feedback, it is simple. We manage our team the same way. Say it consultants, subject matter experts or International candidates in the service assimilate a very powerful and professional Image to our clients company and personnel. 

Services Types

Our broad experience allow us to cover our clients needs independently of the type of business development mission concerned. For eachof type of business development mission we aim at providing the same level of integrate and professionalism, as it is our belief that all candidates warrant the highest standards of service.

Business Development Agency

Company Formation and Partnerships Development

Global Advisory Services

Intelligence Branding Solutions

Problems being addressed

We support our clients when they are uncertain about international business and partnerships development and international branding in new markets. For many of them, these issues are part of their current context, like growing the business, expansion to international markets, procedures techniques, branding across cultures or they may need to engage a third party in order to maintain quality or preserve confidentiality where a high level of discretion is critical.


Confidentiality is more than often a challenge when expanding to new markets.

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