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Making International Protocol, Corporate Diplomacy & Global VIP Management essential to business results

Corporate Services

Executive Education Development 

We develop Corporate Education across departments and across industries.We work together with the Training, Learning and Development departments to co-create, design and implement the skills that make the added value of

Professional Training Solutions 

We’ve designed training solutions essentials to your Industry by using a unique combination of expertise, experience and skills across industries. We partner with our clients to help them develop the global, International & competence of their Company, organisation or Government and their teams

Network Creation, VIP and Relationship Management 

From our Extensive and Influential network we create unique strategies in Relationship Building and transfer the knowledge; We work with high level events managers with lack of awareness in VIP and Protocol management.

International Capacity Building Projects Management 

We manage high complex projects in Capacity Building projects globally.

Corporate Branding Solutions across borders 

We have unique alternative International branding solutions that are cost effective for companies, that want to reach the world cross culturally. Our branding solutions are complementary to our clients communication providers. All solutions are tailor made and vary from advertisement, visibility, sponsoring opportunities and Unique Spaces rentals

Study Tours

We organise visits to Brussels to a multitude of donor agencies, Academic Institutions, Governments Departments, International Organisations and Companies.

Executive Education

Our Education is for Executives and Professionals. We have the right programmes for different levels of experience, interests, and schedule.For the employers, we help our clients to find the right program to meet the needs of the executives and staff they are sponsoring.

Our Executive Education is Divided in:

Comprehensive Academic Programs – One Executive Master and a Post Graduate making International Protocol, Diplomacy & Global VIP Management essential to business results. Knowledge certification

  1. Executive Diplomas – For the ones that certification is essential in the trend competencies
  2. Professional Trainings - Professional Training in an horizontal specific themes in 3 days
  3. Crash Courses – 60 minutes of learning for busy executives that target current affairs and global communication
  4. Tailor Made Programs – We work with companies and organisations globally to tailor programs to their specify objectives. For more information please send us an email

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