Education, Training and Consultancy in International Protocol, Soft Diplomacy, Business Protocol, Official events, Cross Cultural Intelligence and Corporate Diplomacy since 2008

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The International School of Protocol & Diplomacy Executive Master Programmes have been designed to offer a complete education in the field of Protocol, Soft Diplomacy Skills and Foreign Affairs.

Executive Diplomas are a great option for those students who may just be interested in a specific degree module, or those who currently do not have the time to complete either degree programme but may wish to do so in the future. Students that complete an Executive Master or PG module will be awarded an Executive Diploma and the opportunity to transfer all their taken courses to our Executive Master of Arts Programme or our Postgraduate Certificate at a later stage.

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The International School of Protocol & Diplomacy is Europe’s leading academic institution solely dedicated to studies in these fields. We combine the fields of protocol, diplomacy and cross cultural intelligence in order to bring our clients and participants a unique range of executive programmes designed and developed by practitioners, academics and specialists from a multi-cultural perspective.

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