Professional Summer Training


This four-day course has been specifically designed for those who wish to be introduced to or
expand their knowledge of protocol, diplomacy or cross cultural communication. Furthermore, it
will be the perfect base for those who intend to continue onto a year-long programme such as a
postgraduate or master’s degree in this increasingly important field.
Participants will be introduced to the history and principles of protocol, in order to master the most
common rules and procedures. Protocol is essential for conducting smooth relations in public life
and official ceremonies. In the afternoon session, a general overview of the issues protocol officers
may face when working in intercultural settings.
Basic Rules of Protocol | 09.30h – 11.00h
•Differences between Protocol, Etiquette and Ceremonial
• The Protocol Manual
• Rules and Tradition of
the Placement of Flags
Diplomatic Protocol | 11.15h – 12.45h
• International Relations and Diplomacy
• Diplomatic Treaties
• Diplomats and Diplomatic Missions: Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates
International Protocol | 14.00h – 17.15h
The influence of culture in the practice of protocol
• Importance of Rank and Status
• High- and Low-Context Cultures
• Strategic Dos and Don’ts
Presentation of the EU institutional relations from a Public Affairs consultancy perspective and the
lecture on the media relations.
Public Affairs and Negotiations in Brussels | 09.30h – 11.00h
•Understanding EU Institutional relations: Public Affairs Consultancy Perspective
•Advocacy in Europe: The Importance of the EU lobbying. Why? Who? How?
• Case Study and consultancy Approach
Introduction to Corporate Diplomacy| 11.15h – 12.45h
•Use of diplomacy in the world of business
Working with the Media | 14.00h – 17.15h
•How to manage the media
•Press at your event
•Status of the press
Protocol at the Table | 14.00h – 17.15h
•Room and Table Set-up for C
onferences and Banquets
•The Application of Protocol Rules
•Schools of Table Etiquette
During the morning session, participants will visit the NATO headquarters. In the afternoon the
focus will be on gaining practical skills necessary for an effective conduct of official events.
Visit to NATO | 9.30h – 12.45h
High Level Events Organisation | 14.00h – 17.15h
• Norms of International and State Protocol
• Techniques for hosting High Level Delegations


Intensive Training