Executive Master Programmes


ISPD EMP programme has been designed to offer a complete education in the field of Soft Diplomacy.

The programme is not limited to the classic techniques and to official regulations, but also includes knowledge in the “new protocol” that is currently being developed by private and public institutions to face today’s social and cultural challenges. It also offers a specialised education devised for future professionals in this highly sought after field.

This terminal MA programme focuses more on gaining knowledge in practical application of research and skills. ISPD’s programmes are professionally oriented and offer direct career preparation or advancement outside of higher education. If your goal is to become a protocol officer, acquire new skills for diplomatic practice, or organise either public or corporate events, this master’s degree is appropriate for you. All students are required to write a thesis and complete assessment activities in order to obtain the MA degree.




Extra-Curricular activities

In addition to the regular certification lectures and workshops, ISPD will organise several extracurricular activities:

– Conferences and guest lectures on a broad range of topics related protocol, diplomacy and cross cultural awareness throughout the year.

– ISPD offers to its students visits to the European Institutions, official VIP facilities where protocol and diplomacy take place.


At ISPD we believe that learning comes from a mixture of practical and theoretical knowledge, both as taught by lecturers and as practiced by participants. Thus, throughout this course, we aim to offer both practical and theoretical knowledge, using real life examples and simulations that not only help each participant to understand the material that is taught, but to give them an opportunity to learn by making mistakes in workshops and through case study before they have to use this knowledge in their professional lives.

Workshops are offered to offer participants practice in organising different types of official events and in order that they learn by practice. These would include workshops on how to manage difficult VIPs, how to organise visits, conferences, etc., and how to manage a team and ensure that everything happens on time in the appropriate manner.

In order to be certified, each participant must not only attend the lectures and workshops given, but they must complete a series of exercises designed to assess whether they have studied and learnt that which they have seen in their lectures.

University degree

The MA programme has been running in Spain for the last twelve years, and in Belgium since 2008 in cooperation with Spanish universities. At present we work with Universidad Camilo José Cela, based in Madrid, which offers a variety of courses in a wide range of academic subjects.

We work in partnership with the university in order to adapt their curriculum to an international context with world renowned experts. Students will be awarded a diploma from The International School of Protocol & Diplomacy and by Universidad Camilo José Cela once they complete satisfactorily their chosen programme in our Brussels facilities.