Executive Diplomas


Executive Diplomas are a great option for those students who may just be interested in a specific degree module, or those who currently do not have the time to complete either degree programme but may wish to do so in the future. Students that complete an MA or PG module will be awarded an Executive Diploma and the opportunity to transfer all their taken courses to our Master of Arts Programme or our Postgraduate Certificate at a latter stage.
Our ED have been designed to fulfill the needs of professionals that wish to gain, enhance or certify their knowledge in Protocol and/or Soft Diplomacy Skills. ISPD ED are offered keeping in view the need of the target audience. During the academic year starting in October 2012 we propose to offer 3 MA level programmes in full-time, online and intensive study modes.

At ISPD we believe that learning comes from a mixture of practical and theoretical knowledge, both as taught by lecturers and as practiced by participants. Thus, throughout this course, we aim to offer both practical and theoretical knowledge, using real life examples and simulations that not only help each participant to understand the material that is taught, but to give them an opportunity to learn by making mistakes in workshops and through case study before they have to use this knowledge in their professional lives.
Workshops are offered to offer participants practice in organising different types of official events and in order that they learn by practice. These would include workshops on how to manage difficult VIPs, how to organise visits, conferences, etc., and how to manage a team and ensure that everything happens on time in the appropriate manner.
In order to be certified, students must not only attend the lectures and workshops given, but they must complete a series of exercises designed to assess whether they have studied and learnt that which they have seen in their lectures.




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