• Are you currently at bulilding your home office?
  • Do you enjoy building relationships on the phone and /or face to face?
  • Are you confident in a self-emloyed sales flexible and commission-base role?

If you answered YES to ALL of these questions, then we are looking for talented individuals to join our team of home based Membership Recruiters, Sales Agents and Business Development Managers!
Innovation in Diplomacy Group: ISPD protocol & diplomacy and ISPD+Innovation in Diplomacy Network specializes in the learning & development and Capacity Building markets. We offer a generous commission structure.

We are looking for Membership Recruiters, Sales Agents and Business Development Managers per percentage to sell our Education and Our Tailor Made Solutions:

1. Our Online & Face to Face Training Programmes

2. Our Academic Masters both Online and Face to Face

3. The Intensive Face to Face Trainings & Conferences Globally

4. To Establish Partnerships with Training and Development Departments Worldwide across industries, international Organizations governments and Multinationals

We specialize in International protocol, public affairs, corporate diplomacy, cross cultural management and VIP Management, Etiquette and Hospitality professional training solutions and Academic Programmes. We have One Masters in Protocol and Soft Diplomacy Skills and an International Masters in Image and Political Consultancy.

Clearly, not everyone can be a high performer at home or in their own premises in education sales. This role is for those who can manage themselves and do not need constant direction. That can read all about our Education Programmes & Tailor Made Projects Value Proposition and open and close the deal.

If you lack self-discipline, and sales talent, we are not the match for you

Another aspect of working with us is that although you could earn much more than most jobs out there, this role is commission based (no fixed salary). So if you do not have an entrepreneurial mindset, you are not really a sales & Business Developer we are not the match for you because your monthly income is up to you!


– We require you have a Solid Track Record in Sales and Business Development

– We want you to have previous Experience developing Business in a education and learning & development agency, university or training company is important

– We want you to work within our Business Development Objectives per market with us


– Upon joining Innovation in Diplomacy Group, you will receive a world class training to become a fully autonomous Sales agent and a Business Development Manager.

– You will have full access to our secured Materials.

– You will work with the top notch collaborative business development team to support you and monitoring you

– You will work for yourself and manage work around your own life, not the other way around!