Thomas Sladko


Thomas Sladko is ISPD Expert in areas related to international protocol, bilateral protocol, high-level events organisation, soft diplomacy skills, modern protocol, governmental and corporate communication.
He has extensive experience in top diplomacy, protocol and VIP handling (e.g. Head of States, Head of Governments, Chancellor of Germany, President of the EU Commission, Royal Highnesses, etc.) as he worked for 10 years as Deputy Head of Protocol at the Austrian Federal Chancellery. In addition to that Thomas worked for the Corporate Communications Department of Lufthansa German Airlines in New York and was member of the core team to bring the Airbus A380 on inauguration flights to North and Latin America. Since 2018 Thomas is the Managing Director of the Academic Institute for Protocol, Soft and Corporate Diplomacy based in Brussels. Thomas was among the leading experts in various global top-level ISPD tailor-made projects for the EXPO Dubai/UAE 2020, the Pentagon, the Diwan of Royal Court of the Sultanate of Oman, EU Agencies Frontex and ECHA, the OBF (Oman Business Forum) among many others. Thomas was born in Austria, holds 2 Master Degrees from the University of Vienna, and served in the USA, Brazil, Portugal, Brussels and in the Sultanate of Oman. He is Co-Author of various publications like “Soft Diplomacy – Modelling Global Interactions”.