How do I apply?

Admission to the ISPD is selective. We endeavor to accept only participants whose records indicate that they possess the qualities needed to achieve success

Online Application Instructions

Complete our registration form to apply.

You can email or post all other documents once you have receive confirmation from the ISPD team.

Complete and return the registration form as soon as possible in order to guarantee you a place. The number of places is limited.

Once you have submitted your online application please send all the documents to the Admissions Office by email:


– Completed application for admission;

– Motivation letter;

– Certified copy of your Bachelors degree in English;

– Letter of recommendation;

– Current CV;

– Certified proof of working experience, minimum 5 years, in the absence of a degree.


The ISPD accepts credentials in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German. For all other languages, official translations by a certified translator (whose signature is authenticated) are required and are accepted only when accompanied by the document in its original language.


The processes applications on a rolling basis. Admissions decisions are usually made within three weeks after receipt of the complete application.


Application Fee

When participants submit their application, they must include a non- refundable fee of 90€ as member of the ISPD+ Innovation in Diplomacy Network payable by credit card Here or bank transference

This fee is also applicable to all global participants and to be part of our Elite Network.

Initial Tuition Fee Payment

An initial non-refundable payment of 1.000€, to be deducted from the first Installment tuition, is due upon acceptance to confirm the place.

Registration fee €70 (for ISPD+ Innovation in Diplomacy Members with

membership in order) and €90 (for non members / Membership Fee)

Education Fees per Type of Programme

 Executive Master in Protocol in Soft Diplomacy Skills

Online Tuition €8835 (3 Modules)

Intensive Face to Face Tuition €11505 (3 Modules)

Blended Tuition €8835 + €890 (instead of 1375) per Face to Face Course assisted (3 Modules)

Additional Modules:€1675

Dissertation Year: €2200

 Certificate on High-Level Events & VIP Management across Cultures

Online Tuition:€4124 (3 Modules)

Blended Tuition:€4124+ €1375 per Face to Face Course assisted (3 Modules)

Executive Diploma (Upgradeable to Masters)

Tuition €1675per Module (all modes of study: Online, Intensive, Blended)

Intensive Trainings (Upgradeable to Executive Diploma)

Tuition €1375 per Module (all modes of study: Online, Intensive, Blended)

Private Tuition

Tailor Made

Please contact

International Executive Master in Image, Protocol and Political Consultancy (Leaders Elite Group)

Must be a Visionary Member of the ISPD+ Innovation in Diplomacy Network before applying

Tuition: €84000

For information please contact

Other Potential Fees

for more information please contact

Installment Plan fee

Transfer Credit Fees

Diploma Copies

Deferred Payment Plan

The deferred Payment plan allows students to pay the tuition for each semester in two installments, rather than a lump sum:

Installment 1: Registration/Membership Fee + 60% of Tuition

Installment 2: 40% of Tuition

*An administrative fee of €50 is charged per installment

Students whose payments are not in order are not allowed to register for the next modules, to take examinations or to receive official documents or grades.

Any non-agreed delays in payment will lead to an administrative fee of 150€ per delayed month /5€ per delayed day

If reminders need to be sent the participant will be charged according to the Belgium law and financial policy of the ISPD.

Cancellation Charges

Please refer to the section on “Financial Information” in the ISPD catalogue or request it at

Methods of Payment

Payment may be presented in € by bank transfer or by credit card. After course enrollment, the Financial Manager will provide you with an invoice stating the amount due.

Note: participants are liable for all bank charges, including exchange costs.

Bank Transfer Details:

ISPD+ Innovation in Diplomacy, a.s.b.l.,

KBC Bank | Rue Wiertz 60 | 1047 | Brussels | Belgium

Account Number:7340 2871 0490

IBAN Number: BE34 7340 2871 0490

When transferring monies, please include the participant full name and specify the type of fee (application fee, course, tuition, etc) or invoice number

Tuition Reduction

The ISPD offers a 25% tuition reduction if two or more siblings are enrolled at the ISPD simultaneously. This reduction is applicable to the tuition of one of the two siblings only. The also offers a 15% tuition reduction to siblings and children of alumni.

Tuition Professional Discounts

To benefit from professional discounts and group fees you have to be a members of the ISPD+Innovation in Diplomacy Network. For more information about memberships discounts contact

Estimated Costs other than Tuition

In addition to the tuition that must be paid each semester, students should also budget for living costs. The following table shows a very rough estimate for some of these costs and may be of help in budgeting for the semester

ISPD+ Innovation in Diplomacy Excellence Scholarship Fund:

To benefit from our scholarships you must:

  1. be a creator member of the ISPD + Innovation in Diplomacy Network before applying.
  2. Applying to a Master Programme

Do you want to pursue the Master Programme with us and are you a creator member of our network?  Then you may be eligible for one of our scholarships.

The ISPD will award Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES) to participants  who have outstanding academic records in the University secondary school and whose extra-curricular achievements show evidence of leadership in today’s global society and in their Global Leadership Jobs.

TheISPD+ merit-based  financial assistance can provide up to a 50% reduction in tuition Module. These scholarships will be renewed if the participant maintains superior academic performance during each semester of their 3-year Bachelor programme. The scholarship will be directly applied to the student’s tuition fees.

We offer a number of partial scholarships based on individual merit to cover part of your tuition fee:

To apply you must request from

Partial scholarships are granted on a rolling basis, so it’s important to apply early even though there’s no specific deadline.

Winners will be chosen by a Scholarship Committee based on your scholarship motivation essay, CV and admissions results. All participants will be informed on the outcome of the Scholarship competition In December each year.

In parallel you may investigate sponsorships and loan opportunities currently available in your own country and apply for finance from your existing bank.


If you are from a non-EU country, contact the Belgian Embassy in the country where you are, for advice about traveling to and living in Belgium. For a list of embassies go to Federal Public Service – Belgium.

Non-EU nationals may wish to contact their Foreign Ministry (or own embassy, if not in their country) to find out about any issues related to come for the intensive weeks in Belgium.