Raising Demand for Training on Security in Brussels

Brussels, European Quarter, ISPD+ Innovation in Diplomacy Headquarter 29 June 2017: “The demand on education and knowledge transfer for the topic security is raising, no doubt about that!”, states Ines Pires, President of the ISPD+ Innovation in Diplomacy. “We are daily receiving enquiries from event management agencies, hotel managers, top end restaurant owners and of course the diplomatic corps regarding expertise and tailor made consultancy on the topic security.”

Therefore, The ISPD+ will dedicate 1 full day of its Professional Summer Training (11 July 2017) to the Topic “Event Organisation, Protocol and Security and the 3 Circles of Security”. 2 high level experts with many years of experience in the field are going to transmit their knowledge to the course participants to make them able to identify what actions are necessary to take in account when having a VIP as a guest.

“Security has always been going hand in hand with protocol and has always been part of our training catalogue. As we understand Diplomacy and Protocol as an innovative process to meet the challenges of modern time the focus on the actual topic security is just a logical step”, concludes Ines Pires.


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