The ISPD Groupe overall vision is to democratize diplomacy, multicultural Environment, where the Innovation in traditions integrates the evolution and constructer of the future of relationships in Global affairs. The ISPD Corporate Culture is a culture of excellence & Inter-dependence with strong ties worldwide, we work with 96 countries through 17 countries and our Headquarters in in the Capital of Europe Brussels . Where the ISPD team members have the opportunity to progress from different ranks to the top one.

Who we hire

The ISPD Group hires team members who impress director and advance the company’s objectives. We look for professional skills per position and the essential traits we look for in an ideal employee are

Integrity & Team

We have people that are not afraid of work or to get the hands on the dust, our work is on weekends nights sometimes, and ISPD is a fair company and the effort is recompensed. We want people that ask first “what are my responsibilities instead of what are my rights”. People who do what is necessary to do, do not complain and are happy to take on board.  Someone able to sacrifice personal confort for the sake of the team. Gossiping is abolished and healthy confrontations stimulating.

Loyal & Long term Oriented

10 Times More Return of Investment
Someone who gives the president a 10 more return on the investment ISPD makes on them. A hard working team member who is fundamental committeemen to the growth, development and quality standards of the ISPD

Responsible & Detailed

Protocol is about efficiency, responsibility and detail. We ask the same for our Team Members, the same Standards we transfer to our participants and clients. We want someone that integrates the company systems fast and that learn from the mistakes rapidly and do not repeat the same mistake again and again.

Fast Learners & Progress

We are at the Knowledge and Education Industry, we want doers with strong skills. People with 2:100.000 ratio, only two mistakes for every 100 000 responsibilities. Transparent honest and responsible until the top to acknowledge their mistake, assume it, correct and ask support for that does not happen again

Opportunity & Equality

 In ISPD we are givers, we give first. We give the opportunity and we invest in the people so they can give the company the 10 times ROI. We believe in people and that they are what they say they are and that they commit to what they say they committ. We are very aware of the laws of nature and we know that the results our people have as employees are in direct proportion on the effort they put in. They make the right choices and the work based on the priorities of the company. Everyone have the same opportunity to show what they are capable off and it is their responsibility to become an added value to the company that gave them that opportunity.

Why to Work with us


We have a global vision for the world, we are changing relationships worldwide between the partnerships of government and companies. We innovative in processes where others do not yet understand the language. We create the language and make the different without exclusion. We include you and your ideas. You are part of us from day one


We reward performance. We pay percentages based on your commitment and what you can achieve. We stimulate that you are successful as if you are we are. We give you training, we seat next to you, and we are committed in our believe that you are a ISPD Innovator in Diplomacy with us. We give you package that represents proportionally the added value that you bring to the ISPD and we teach you how to calculate your own value.

Protocol & Diplomacy Corporate Culture

ISPD strives to function with the Law of Protocol and Diplomacy: Strict rules of precision in the follow up with a diplomatic approach that always run at peak performance of progress. That believed efficiency should be higher daily and Innovation in problem solving it’s core.


Are you look to a career  where you can be a leader? We want you because you believe like us in progress.  We are demanding, perfectionists and we not settle with mediocre employees or weak justifications. We care about the one that want to work among us that are professions, precise, brilliant minds, genius, strategists, former  heads of protocol, former Ministers, formers leader of international leaders but above all humble to be wanting progress and become better daily

How is the selection Process

We hire Interns, Sales Representatives & Liason Officers, Experts and Employees
There are general Rules for all the Positions:
  1. Cognitive Test
  2. In Job Situation (that depends on each of the roles)
  3. Accuracy test
  4. Skype Interview
  5. In Person Interview with the Board
  6. Induction Course with direct contact with the client it is the first step before the final recruitment with first performance review with supervision after 15 Days, second performance review after 1 months and the thirds performance review after two months where a Evaluation Report. After that procedure the evaluation report
  7. After a 3 months observation period by the management and the supervisors that you learn the essential traits plus the skills we welcome you in the team.