Soft diplomacy is a key element of our academic programmes and therefore it is appropriate that our first main article in this blog starts with a brief on this matter. Other members of the ISPD teaching staff will also be regularly contributing to the blog by writing articles of interest to our readers and friends.

I use this opportunity to inform also that our new academic year starts on 12 October 2012 with a programme designed to serve the most demanding students in the field of protocol and soft diplomacy skills. It is called “Protocol and Soft Diplomacy Skills” and takes into account what are the most advanced tools in those areas of study, aiming at corporate and public sector professionals, diplomats, consultants, journalists, event organisers, hospitality professionals and public relation experts.

Based on our past experience and methodologies, the course in question is of a practical nature and aims to train people in the globalised world in which we live today in order to allow them to act diplomatically and with confidence using courtesy rules, tact and efficient ways of communication.

Built on a step-by-step logic, this course starts by an historical introduction of protocol and diplomacy and then continues to other matters of interest to professionals like ceremonials, the organisation of events before focusing on cross-culture relations and soft diplomacy skills. The objective is to give our students an opportunity to understand all factors that shape the rules and procedures of protocol and diplomacy and help them in their exchanges and contacts with people of different countries and cultures. Protocol being a fundamental management tool, the course aims also to build the confidence of students to deal with official and social contacts and develop personal diplomacy skills, that will make them accomplished professionals.

And in terms of outcomes, the course aims to expand the knowledge and capacities of participants in the fields just mentioned and enhance their competence in diplomatic communication, enhanced personal and professional image, increased confidence in social occasions and a better ability to work in an international environment.

If you have not registered yet, the time is ripe for you to do so and profit from such an innovative and novel course designed for modern management professionals.


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