ISPD in Turkmenistan

Ines Pires-Urquiza, Executive Director and ISPD Founder is already in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. ISPD was invited by the Turkmenistan President and USAID Governance Strengthening Project to deliver at the Institute of Foreign Relations an intensive course on Diplomatic Protocol and Negotiations for officials from the country. ISPD is proud to work together with USAID in developing this Intensive Course, that will start with the module on Protocol and Organization of Events, followed by Diplomatic Protocol, Cross-Cultural Communication and Country Branding modules.

ISPD experts Luis Ritto and Sandra Schott are traveling to Ashgabat tomorrow. Ms. Pires-Urquiza was interviewed by Turkmenistan National TV where she underlined the importance of soft diplomacy skills expertise. At the opening of this training week, the US Ambassador to Turkmenistan, Robert E. Patterson, noted that “the changes in Turkmenistan are fast and the high level conferences start to take place in the country. This kind of trainings constitutes an opening of the country to the outside world.” This message was reinforced by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs who explained that Turkmenistan will take advantage of these experiences in the development of international relations and diplomatic protocol to follow the global practices and diplomatic rituals with respect of other cultures.


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