ISPD in Dubai

The International School of Protocol & Diplomacy (ISPD), headquartered in Brussels, is participating at the 4th UAE 2015 Government Organizations Strategy Development Summit with a keynote speech on Protocol Strategies and International Etiquette Communication given by ISPD Executive Director and Founder, Inês Pires Urquiza. For the very first time in Dubai, ISPD’s Founder will offer tips, do’s and don’ts, and a successful international protocol strategy for service oriented companies. The presentation will stress on the main differences between etiquette and protocol so participants learn of the benefits, in every sphere of life, of the elaboration and use of the Protocol Manual in order to achieve excellency in customer relations and maximum efficiency when following internal procedures.

More about ISPD

ISPD runs two yearly academic programmes, a master’s and a postgraduate degree, and an executive tailor made diploma based on both programmes. As well as that, ISPD complements its academic offer with regular intensive courses on protocol and diplomacy. The school is aware that not all participants have the time or opportunity to come to Brussels. For this reason, ISPD also offers all its in-house programmes and courses at any location around the world, upon request.

The International School of Protocol & Diplomacy is running programmes in mainly five regions: Europe, Gulf region, Russia, Singapore and the Caribbean. Some examples are:

– Russian Federation, including participants from Gazprom, Lukoil, Russian Government and the Hermitage Museum.

– In Trinidad & Tobago, for current protocol officers from public and private enterprises from the Caribbean region.

– In Singapore, for the Delovoy Protocol, one of our Russian partners.

– In the UAE for Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court, with participants from most emirates within the country.

“We look forward to continuing to conduct courses all around the world since we feel that our values and expertise in protocol, events organisation, diplomacy and cross cultural communication are highly appreciated” said Fernando Urquiza, ISPD Operations Director.

ISPD is committed to offering the best advice from renowned experts such as ambassadors, government advisors, officials from international organisations, authors in our fields of expertise and researchers. It is also important to highlight that ISPD participates on a regular basis in congresses, forums and networks all around the world, while keeping in touch with experts in order to offer the latest and most up to date knowledge.

“The project was born after our extensive journeys in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Brussels, Lisbon, Trinidad & Tobago, AbuDabhi, Africa, London and the US, namely all the places where we have lived and traveled, and where at every moment, people understand and perceive things with culturally different eyes. Each moment of ISPD’s training sessions is a unique act that that solves a practical cultural problem, for example an event, a misunderstanding or an official diplomatic blunder. The world is no longer practical and straight forward, it is a fragile place and in constant change. ISPD has the ability to adapt to world changes with flexibility as conditions move on: thus transforming cultural differences into a personal and professional advantage.” Said Inês Urquiza, Founder and Executive Director of ISPD

The International School of Protocol & Diplomacy is a nonprofit organization created in 2008 to bring traditions and new skills together. Its programmes reside somewhere between theoretical approach and practical case studies, given by its outstanding faculty, and innovative skills for a multicultural lifestyle.


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