Graduation Ceremony 2012 at the ISPD

It has been a great honour to host the Graduation Ceremony of our Master’s and Postgraduate Degree Students of the 2011 Academic Year at the ISPD yesterday. The academic achievements and the impressive results obtained by the students were celebrated by ISPD staff, lecturers and all the guests invited.

In the first part of the ceremony, ISPD Dean, Ambassador Luis Ritto congratulated the Graduates on their academic performance, perseverance and efforts. He underlined that the degree they were awarded, constitutes “a professional qualification in areas which are still new in the academic world, but which are a powerful tool that should assist them in becoming better citizens and professionals, capable of working in different environments and societies and with people from different backgrounds.”

ISPD Founder and Executive Director, Mrs. Ines Pires-Urquiza emphasised in her speech that the newly graduated students “are now a part of the ISPD community; a community that believes in humanity, the importance of cross-cultural awareness and of the greater understanding between individuals as a solution to the talent development worldwide”. Mrs. Pires-Urquiza has recently came back from a 1-year mission in Timor-Leste where she designed the Diplomatic Induction Curriculum at the Ministry of Foreign Affrairs and created the Protocol Department,

The members of ISPD Faculty such as Ambassador Jacques de Baenst, Former Chief of Protocol of the European Commission, Jorge de la Caballeria, the Head of Unit of Geographical Coordination Latin America and Caribbean for the EU Commission, Jacques de Cartier d’Yves, Former Chief of Protocol of the Belgian Ministry of Defence, Kole Gjeloshaj, International Sport Events Expert, Yves Panneels, Events Consultant and Atine John Bosco, Vice-President of Ugandans & Friends Community in Belgium were also present to congratulate students on their academic achievement. Among many distinguished guests, ISPD was pleased to welcome H.E. Ambassador Joel Musa Nhleko, Head of the Mission of Swaziland to the EU and Ambassador of Uganda, H.E. Stephen Katenta-Apuli, who was one of ISPD graduates.


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