On request: Specific courses for institutions and organisations

ISPD custom courses are designed to meet the needs and requirements of organisations, professionals or those who wish to be introduced to the fields of protocol and soft diplomacy skills. Our experts deliver high caliber tailor made courses upon the request of institutions and organisations. When a customised approach is preferred we work in close partnership with clients to create training solutions that deliver results. Our Executive Diplomas, Professional Trainings and Crash Courses are available on request for your convenience, allowing you to schedule any of our courses at your location. ISPD also welcomes suggestions on topics for research since it is integrated in professional and academic networks.

Custom seminars and workshops are specifically designed to meet the precise requisition of any institution or organisation and are developed upon request. We adapt to the needs of the institution or organisation in order to offer training solutions by customising our Brussels courses and lectures. We design each course programme carefully in collaboration with the requesting organisation or institution to meet their training objectives. The projects we undertake vary in length ranging from short and intensive courses to courses stretching over a period of time according to the requirements of the course and the time availability of the requester.

Tailored qualification Programmes

Our tailored qualification programmes combine expertise and rigour behind our leading degree programmes in protocol and our Executive Diplomas and Professional Training, with the specific needs of your institution or organisation. Our programmes are flexible, we can configure any of our courses or programmes to meet everyone’s needs. A programme may be funded by the organisation to diploma level but then allow the flexibility for the participant to go on and complete our Executive Master in Soft Diplomacy, Senior Certificate in Soft Diplomacy or any of our Executives Diplomas.

Our experience and expertise specialising in government learning and development solutions means that we understand your unique requirements and know how to deliver learning services with measurable impact and sustainable results. Combining our extensive government experience with proven best practices, we provide robust and practical learning solutions to support governments and the broader public sector.

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