Executive Diploma in Image & Political Consultancy

  • Executive Diploma in Image & Political Consultancy

Image and Political Consultancy offers a complete view of a political activity, as this “quality” programme fills the gaps of other offers that would be presented in the area of Political Communication that are traditionally limited to electoral contexts. Moreover, without excluding the conceptual tools that are required to understand political situations in both their global and local dimensions, the aim of this course is to learn the skills and techniques in Communication on Political Messages and Media Outlets. We train our participants to be consultants and experts in specific techniques of conveying political images in different scenarios, and provide them with the skills required to advise political leaders on a strategic and daily basis.


Executive Diplomas (ED) offer official credit off the Executive Master Programme (EMP)  the expertise categories are offered independently and are a great option for those participants who may only be interested in a specific EMP expertise, or those who currently do not have the time to complete either EMP but may wish to do so in the future. Participants who opt for specific expertise rather than the whole EMP will be awarded an ISPD Executive Diploma and will have the opportunity to transfer the credit of the taken courses to our EMP at a later stage.

ED Regulations – To upgrade the ED into EMP:

  • ISPD Executive Diploma holders who also hold a BA degree or 5 years of proven experience in related area, and desire to migrate to the EMP can transfer the Executive Diplomas in one of the expertise of EMP. 
  • Experienced non-degree holder (with the exemption of those with 5 years of proven experience in related area) who want to join the Executive Diploma programme may take it as Professional Training.
  • Participants may opt for a blended mode, e.g. they can follow 3 expertise online and 1 professional training. We are flexible when it comes to the choice of modes, however, it is necessary to inform the ISPD in advance of the modes participants would like to follow.