A Few Words About Our Institution

The ISPD Protocol & Diplomacy is Europe’s leading academic institution solely dedicated to studies in these fields. We combine the fields of protocol, diplomacy and cross cultural relations in order to bring students and participants a unique range of study programmes designed and developed by academics from a multi-cultural perspective.
ISPD is an organisation born out of the need for an academic institution that prepares and certifies professionals in the field of international procedures and relations. We have partnered with Camilo José Cela University, the only University that currently offers degree programmes solely in protocol. Since these programmes run in Spain we gathered the best of European expertise to bring them to you in Brussels, home of the European institutions, hundreds of embassies and missions, and also of a number of international organisations.

In addition, we have taken all of our programmes a step further by combining them with cross cultural communication, thus preparing our students to go global with an ability to interact with several cultures, from both their own perspective and their counterparts. Unlike other institutions that specialise in common behaviours, at ISPD we perceive protocol as a communication tool.

Our Values

We firmly believe in:

Ethical Behaviour


Trusting People

Cultural Differences


Our mission is to provide the highest level of expertise, academic standards and guidance in terms of diplomacy, protocol and intercultural relations. As a result, all of our lecturers are renowned experts committed to excellence and our programmes are professionally oriented and offer direct professional preparation, advancement and a capacity life long learning approach.


Our aim is to provide a worldwide knowledge network in protocol, diplomacy and cross cultural relations that will allow individuals, entities, enterprises, governments, corporations and NGO’s to collaborate and jointly share their know-how and cultures.

Why Choose Us


Brussels has become a symbol of the European Union, hosting the major European institutions such as the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and The European Parliament. Over 200 embassies and consulates can be found in this vivid cosmopolitan city. ISPD is situated in the heart of the European District, a 5-minutes walking distance from the European Parliament and the European Commission. We are in the place where diplomacy takes place and where protocol is needed and practised every day. This location gives us an excellent opportunity to deliver up-to-date content, in accordance with the latest events, practices or changes in these important areas as well as having access to the finest experts and practitioners.

Our Programmes

ISPD offers a wide range of programmes in 3 different modes of study to provide its students with the choice of a course that will best fit their professional objectives and that will allow them to plan their studies according to their agenda. Our students can opt for the onsite full-time programme, study online or follow the courses in the intensive mode. Whatever mode they choose, they are provided with complete and comprehensive content delivered by the team of our experts experienced in teaching.


There is no better way to study than to learn from renowned experts determined to share their professional experience and passion for what they do. At ISPD, our students have a unique opportunity to meet and interact with world-class professionals from the area of protocol, soft diplomacy and cross-cultural relations. Former Chief of Protocol of the European Commission, former EU Ambassador to the Holy See, former UN Chief of Protocol, together with many other specialists were gathered by ISPD to offer the highest quality of expertise and knowledge. Thanks to their wide experience, the lectures are based on the practical application of knowledge, real-life examples and tools that students can start applying instantly.

Our Aim

ISPD’s objective is to create a worldwide network of professionals in protocol, soft diplomacy and cross-cultural relations that will allow its members to share ideas and international best practices and to be able to use cultural differences to their advantage. Join our programmes to be part of this extraordinary community.

Multicultural Environment

At ISPD you will have the perfect opportunity to study in a multicultural, international environment since our students, both onsite and online, come from different, sometimes very remote parts of the world. This cultural diversity makes the learning experience much richer and more stimulating, facilitating exchange of different ideas and viewpoints. The possibility of learning in such a diverse setting is undoubtedly an added value to the whole experience.


The Executive Master Programme have been running in Spain for over a decade, and in Belgium since 2009 in cooperation with Spanish universities. At present we work with the University Camilo José Cela, based in Madrid, which offers a variety of courses in a wide range of academic subjects.

We work in partnership with the university in order to adapt their programmes to an international context. Diplomas are issued by the university once the courses have been completed in our Brussels facilities. The programme, are recognised in the whole of the EU since the university is registered at and accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education.