ISPD in Turkmenistan

Ines Pires-Urquiza, Executive Director and ISPD Founder is already in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. ISPD was invited by the Turkmenistan President and USAID Governance Strengthening Project to deliver at the Institute of Foreign Relations an intensive course on Diplomatic Protocol and Negotiations for officials from the country. ISPD is proud to work together with USAID in developing this 

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Effective Leadership

by Olivier Herlin* In my last blog entry I concluded that the study of Protocol and Diplomacy was an important tool in the toolkit of leaders. And that Leadership Development tools could be important additions in the toolkit of Protocol & Diplomacy professionals. Capitalizing on this idea I realized that protocol officers or diplomats also 

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ISPD in Dubai

From 7th to 10th of January 2013, ISPD was in Dubai organizing the training in Protocol, Media Relations and Public Speaking in cooperation with Dubai Government Human Resources Department.